Monday, October 3, 2011

Brrr… Our first cold spell

3 nights ago, we were hit by a sudden cold front.  What was thought to only be a bit of chilly weather, turned out to be down right freezing!  The days feel great, but this southern couple is not used to the deep low temperatures this cabin reached as the sun slept!

We live in hot, humid South Carolina, USA!

Only days before this cold front reached us, we were sweating in shorts, tank tops, and flip-flops!  Quite fortunately, the night before it hit us, I saw a faux quilt at Walmart that I really liked, and we bought it.  (I don’t usually shop at Walmart, but I was on a desperate search for orange spray paint that was not a gloss… No luck there, either!)  The quilt sure helped us, but it won’t be long before that just won’t be enough.

So now that we have reached payday, and paid all our bills for the month save one, we knew it was time to get some form of heat in our cabin!


With some ideas in mind, we set out on our search.  We had different things in mind, but we found a great compromise in an electric faux fireplace.  It looks so great in our little cabin!  $99 and it requires less wattage than even the smallest space heaters!  It is rated for 400 square feet.  That is more than double what we need!  We weren’t sure if our currently low electric supply could support the heater, but we used it last night and it worked great!  As you can see, even Spencer loves it!

Now the race is really on to finish installing the electrical wiring, and put the last of the walls up!  We, also, need to finish insulating the walls and ceiling, and seal the seams.

We don’t have much of a floor, yet, but that isn’t a top priority right now.

Check back soon for more updates!  We would love to know what the bets are on our survival of our first winter in the cabin! LOL  Winking smile

Saturday, October 1, 2011


I’m not much of one for talking about myself.  It always seems so weird.  Yet here I am:

Us on our honeymoon in Myrtle Beach, SC

My name is Adrian.  My initials are ANKH.  I was born on January 28th, 27 years ago.  I am married to a wonderful man.  Travis is almost as quirky and silly as I am.  Our only children are Spencer (a Pomeranian), Blue, and Meatball (both cats.)

I have PCOS (aka polycystic ovarian syndrome, among other names.) I, also, struggle with infertility.  Due to the high unlikelihood of me carrying a child full-term anytime soon, we decided to focus on our lesser dreams…mostly homeownership in spite of the hard times our country is facing.

We were already convinced that if we were ever going to be homeowners, we had to make some serious changes in our life. Then, TA-DA!  Fate decided to force some changes of her own!

We were living comfortably in a two bedroom duplex with an awesome neighbor and a great landlord who let me do whatever I wanted to the huge yard.  Then, Travis lost his job! 

More out of choice than the surrounding events would lead you to believe;  We decided to turn our wooden storage shed that we left at my in-laws house into a cabin for us to live in.  We gave a notice to our landlord, and started working on the conversion.

Shed beginning
(Forgive the mess!)

First, we built the loft for our bed.  Then, we added electricity.  Slowly, the ceiling and walls started going up…  Less than 200sqft to live in!  Our new total living space is the size of our old master bedroom!

This has been a difficult downsize for these two pack-rats.  We are slowly getting there, and realizing… this is plenty of room for us right now!

Join us on our journey.  Enjoy celebrations to our victories, and laughs at our mistakes.